Spaying/Neutering- surgical procedures

Neuter picture 

      If your kitten has not already been neutered, we can do so for you as early as 2 weeks past the last vaccine or as late as 6 months. Delaying the procedure beyond this time will allow females to begin their heat cycles and males to begin “tomcat” activity.

      Males- castration of male kittens is a relatively simple procedure. Kittens come in with no food for at least 6 hours and receive preanesthetic medications. Anesthesia is induced and the kitten receives a local anesthetic block of the testicular region, as well as general pain medication. The testes are removed surgically and the incisions are allowed to heal with no sutures.

      Females -surgical spaying in a female kitten is somewhat more invasive as the uterus and ovaries are located in the abdomen. Female kittens also arrive with no food for at least 6 hours and are also give preanesthetic medications including pain meds. Anesthesia with isoflurane gas is administered via an endotracheal tube. After attaching your kitten to surgical monitors, sterile surgical technique is used to create a small “belly “ incision and the uterus and both ovaries are removed. The incision is sutured with resorbable suture which means they will disappear on their own. The kitten is then waken and fed. As kittens are generally very active after spay procedures, Coastal Cats may recommend your kitten spend the night so as not to disrupt the sutures. Recovery is generally uneventful.

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