Your older cat!


      Congratulations on having a member of the older feline set! A convenient way to view aging cats is to classify them as “mature or middle aged” (7-10 years), “senior” (11-14 ), and "geriatric” (15+ years). These ages correspond to human ages of 44 years, 60 years and 70+ years respectively.(FAB) This approach allows us to concentrate on the separate health issues within each group, for instance, obesity occurs primarily in the mature cats, while weight loss can be a major problem in the senior and geriatric groups.  

      In order to care for your new older cat, Dr. Beekman has, using the recent AAFP Guidelines for Senior Care, developed a Senior Wellness Program consisting of several parts, including the "Twice a Year for Life" program. If you would like a summary of Coastal Cats FHC Senior Wellness program, click the link below.


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